Eleanor's Plugin List

Some people asked about what plugins I use, so, here’s my current list of plugins that I use, as of 2021-08-06 (and why for each) —

  • auto link title saves me a ton of time when I’m dumping something I just read into an “external references” section of a page or into my daily notes fleeting note section.
  • Better word count I need because it helps me make sure I’m not going over on wordcount for a particular section, like if I’m drafting a tweet or flash fiction that needs to stay under a certain wordcount, but there’s other stuff in the file.
  • Block Reference Counter because it helps me evaluate whether a section should get broken out into its own atomic note.
  • Calendar because it’s great for tracking fleeting notes.
  • Dataview is amazing for helping me manage my articles and stories at a glance.
  • Dictionary is surprisingly handy for helping me draft tweets and avoid repetition.
  • Kindle Highlights is amazing for importing annotations from ebooks.
  • Maximise Active Pane I don’t use often but I’m always grateful for it when I need it.
  • NoteTweet changed my life I love writing twitter threads with it.
  • QuickAdd and the zettelizer are so incredible I basically did half a video interview about how much I love it.
  • Recent Files is great when I just had something open and can’t remember the title.
  • Show Current File Path helps me orient myself in my vault.
  • Smart Typography saves me a bunch of trouble with quotation marks.
  • Shuffle is incredible at getting my creative juices flowing.
  • Text Format is really nice for fixing janky copy/pasted stuff.
  • Zoottelkeeper helps keep my graph view from driving me nuts.

There are others I have my eye on and just haven’t figured out.


Does all of these plugins work on the mobile app? Should I not sync the .obsidian folder if some of the plugins aren’t usable on mobile?

I only use auto link title & calendar on mobile, sorry. Others probably work but I choose not to enable them in order to cut down on load times / clutter.

Is not syncing the .obsidian folder enough to not cause any issues with the conflicts that might be created during 3rd party syncing like syncthing if some of the plugins aren’t usable on mobile?

Thanks, Eleanor!

Partial list of links:

I was unable to find Block Reference Counter.

Maybe this one?