EditorSuggest on trigger-phrase with same trigger value

I want to develop a plugin for suggesting and managing references to people in notes.

The @ symbol feels like the best trigger phrase for name suggestions because of how commonly it is used for “tagging people”. What I want to do is add @ as a trigger so that typing @jo brings up the suggestions John Doe, Johnny Law, etc.

But nldates-obsidian, which is a really popular plugin, already uses @ to trigger its own suggestions. AFAIK, there’s no way in the API to combine the suggestions from multiple sources. So I’m looking for suggestions on what I can do. I have thought of a few options.

  1. Use @ as well and hope that the user doesn’t have both the plugins installed at the same time.
  2. Find a way to somehow detect that nldates-obsidian is active in the vault and
  • change the trigger to my plugin to & and show a warning to the user.
  • warn the user that there is a conflict and let them change the trigger phrase for one of the plugins.
  1. Give up on editor suggestions completely and (I hate this the most because this has the worst user experience on the mobile)
  • Rely on people typing the full name of the person and convert those to links to the people notes.
  • Depend on hotkeys/commands.