Editor width dynamically resizes, causes a popping effect

Windows 10. Obsidian Dark Theme. Third-party CSS & plugins were disabled to confirm.

Steps to reproduce

Have a large document that requires scrolling past the screen’s resolution height, with MD headings, tables, code blocks and horizontal rulers. While scrolling up and down (possibly as elements cache in and out of view), the editor’s edit view dynamically resizes its width. This noticeably causes elements like code blocks that use background-color to resize in width. This ‘pop’ in element width is jarring and not smooth.

Expected result

The editor’s inside width should remain constant, and fit up to the editor’s full outer width.

Using the following third-party CSS snippet seems to alleviate this issue greatly.

.CodeMirror-sizer {
	width: 95%;

can you post a screen recording?

I don’t recall seeing this.

This might be difficult to reproduce as it’s not currently happening with or without third-party CSS and plugins. Obsidian has been restarted since this last occurred. If it occurs again, I’ll try to make a recording.