Editor for Jekyll Content

I am considering to use Obsidian as a front end editor for editing content destined for a jekyll static-generated website hosted on GitHub pages with Actions. I like how Obsidian can point to a folder full of md files and call it a “vault” and let me easily navigate it and edit the markdown content files.

I am trying to enhance the obsidian configuration through plugins, so that the content I compose in Obsidian using markup will mirror as closely as possible how the same content will end up being rendered on Jekyll and I’m part way there, but wondering if anyone else is doing anything similar.

I can for example, use the jekyll-spaceship plugin to facilitate mermaid and plantUML diagrams in jekyll, so by using mermaid and plantUML plugins in obsidian I can basically use the same markdown and see a pretty close rendering preview in Obsidian along with other standard GFM markdown.

However there are a few things not quite that easily translated directly and so wondering if there is any plugin that might help or suggestions for how to tweak obsidian in order to give me a closer preview of what Jekyll will do.

For example, in Jekyll there are some Liquid markup features that can be used such as {% highlight javascript %} which uses rouge for syntax highlighting and has some additional features related to including line numbers or not, marking a few lines of interest, etc. compared to using normal fenced code block with 3 back ticks. So I would love to use that approach for marking up my content, bu of course Obsidian doesn’t know what to make out of the Liquid markup and so thus in obsidian I won’t see a preview with syntax highlighting unless i use the simpler form in my md files.

So first question, does anyone know if there is plugin or othe way in Obsidian to include that unknown markup such as mentioned above, then while rendering the preview, substitute out that markup with something else. In other words at render time, treat it like a template, rather then using a template to generate a new note…I want to use a template variable like above just while rendering the preview, if that makes any sense, i could have {% highlight javascript line no %} translated into the 3 backtick version before submitting to obsidian’s preview generator…for example. Anything like that possible?

Another thing is that GitHub Pages provides only a small subset of built in jekyll plugins to use for stuff like Mermaid and plantUML, that’s fine. They have one called jekyll-spaceship which includes both of those and also includes some additional table formatting options to have colum and row spanners, and other little additional table options…but with additional markup…which again…obsidian doesn’t know about. So if I try to use that markup in obsidian, it previews as raw. I am wondering if there is any way for me to modify again how that new markup will be translated during obsidian’s preview rendering, so that I can author my pages with the final markup that needs to get all the way into Jekyll, and more or less see something pretty close to how it will look inside Obsidian preview. Those are the only two things I can think of right now.

Any recommendations welcome about using Obsidian for jekyll content editing.

I’m not a Jekyll user.
I answered in a similar topic today, where I stated what I use.

What I do is prioritize my readers, so my editor in Obsidian can look like a mess but it’s fine if the rendered content online reflects my intentions. So you can type in whatever template format you need – which will do nothing in Obsidian – but once out online, it will do something for you. What I do is %%comment out%% what I don’t want to be seen online – I can do that with the Digital Garden I use. Not knowledgeable about your template’s powers.

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