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I’m a few days into Obsidian and new to markdown on Mac and iPad. ( I have looked in Help etc.)

On the ipad the markdown remains visible in the editor i.e. things like #### and **, on the Mac they disappear. I prefer the iPad approach, as it is easier to go back and edit the headings, same with tags.

Have I missed a setting on the Mac to toggle this presentation? Or is there some way of disabling the conversion in the editor pane?


What I’m trying to do

What I think that happens, but it could be totally something else :), in your case is that you are looking at the documents on your mac in ‘preview’ mode and in ‘editor’ mode on your ipad. You can toggle between those modes by clicking the most left icon on the top right of your document.

Thanks JayKim, I don’t think that is it. I get the difference. In editor mode on my Mac some conversions happen and not others. For example headings loose their ##s and tags lose the # and convert to a button,
. But links and lines only convert in thr preview mode.

It would be OK except the headings and tags become hard to edit.

Cheers, Walter

Do you have any plugins like the Editor Syntax Highlighter that modify the appearance of your editor? I know some plugins don’t work outside of mac/win/linux clients.

Hi 41ch4

I just disabled and then deleted all community plugins and the expected behaviour is back! I don’t know which one it was. I’ll find out as I find a need for them again one by one. I am on a Mac though.

Whew, I was worried it might be ab Obsidian thing!



No worries, I’m always happy to help :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear it’s been resolved.

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