Editing graph in batch

Use case or problem

You accumulate linked notes in graph which become stale and need to be pruned efficiently

Proposed solution

Be able to select nodes to apply a batch action on such as hide or unlink

Current workaround (optional)

Going one by one and removing the link or moving to an excluded folder

Related feature requests (optional)



or batch move to archive folder (which I opted to hide from the graph)

I like this idea. You can already multi-select files in the File Explorer pane. But that means it’s easier to select notes that are in close proximity to each other in the folder.

Being able to select the notes from the graph would mean you could select notes that are in close proximity to their network/links. That could be powerful.

Another great related workaround would be the ability to select notes from search and be able to batch command from there. I don’t think that feature request exists yet either.

Yeah probably drag to select, but that means notes positioning has to be meaningful (i.e. tsne/umap), see my related request regarding fish eye view

Why drag only? Ctrl-click to add select specific nodes. Or shift drag to add, alt-drag to remove.

Yes that makes sense, I just mean that dragging is useful only if they’re not randomly mixed (i.e. only if you have clusters of notes similar in type/state/date so that you may want to archive all of them at once)