Edit the content of the note embedded in the page where the note is embedded

When an A note is embedded in a B note (using ! [[]] syntax), how can I edit the A note in the page of B?

I think this feature is very practical, but it seems to be impossible at the moment, and I hope it can be implemented in the future

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There is a plugin in beta, which you can use already, that supports this feature, it is called Hover Editor. You can install it via Obsidian42 - BRAT


Oh this is so cool! Looking forward to it appearing in the plugin community ~ I watched your demo video and it seems that its editing functionality needs to be implemented in a floating popup page? Is it possible for it to be implemented in an embedded page?

For example, Click here, and start editing

I am not the developer of this plugin. I encourage you to file a feature request on their GitHub

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