Edit Tags on a table of Notes

I’d like to be able to show a table/list of notes, and edit their tags. Requirements are roughly:

  • Show table of notes (like a dataview table)
  • Show the tags of each file from the YAML frontmatter
  • be able to edit those tags and have a it store correct YAML
  • (nice to have:) autocomplete/suggest the tags from those already in the vault

There are a few things that almost do this, but don’t quite:

  • InlineDB looks great, but explicitly does not support tags field: " Not supported for editing: list , objects , tags , link , datetime"
  • MetaDataMenu also looks great, but doesn’t currently work with tags - looks like an issue with the new Properties in Obsidian, hopefully might get fixed.

It might be that Obsidian DB Folder works, but it doesn’t look like it supports open tag sets - they need to be defined for each field. It might also be that Make.MD does the job, but it doesn’t seem to support list like properties, and it didn’t immediately work for me.

Any promising plugins I missed? Or does anyone have this working with the things I’ve posted?


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