Edit history in obsidian

Hi guys,
I just wanted to ask: is there is a way to know all the recent edits done in a vault?
Something like a log but only about the actions done by the user (ex. deleting or inserting text or files).
Thanks for the help in advance!

There is a plugin called Recent Files. In terms of the Date Created and Date Modified metadata of the notes, I know that in the past the values are sometimes unreliable. There is another thread about that.

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Not that I know of, but maybe there’s a plugin.

There is the core File Recovery plugin, and Obsidian Sync includes a sync log.


Thank you for the answer! Could you send me a link of the aforementioned thread? I don’t have any idea as of how to find it.

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Thank you for the help!

I keep my Obsidian notes in a git repository. Using git or any other version control software would let you see these changes. Or fix problems.

I keep separate snapshots for my notes and my settings.

(I am not referring to the Obsidian Git plugin. I’ve never tried it. It can do automatic snapshots and upload to Github for you. I manage my repository myself through Tower Git Client.)


@Sal112358 Sure. Here they are: Wrong Date Created Property and Preserve Creation Dates when Using Obsidian Sync. Not sure they will help a whole lot, which is why I didn’t previously link them. Also, I am not certain that these inconsistencies still occur. But, the basic thing to be aware of is that sometimes the creation and modified date of the note is not correctly maintained and preserved by Obsidian. Although it is not ideal, one workaround is to have YAML keys and values to store this built into your templates.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the answer!

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table file.mtime as "Last modified" where file.name != this.file.name SORT file.mtime DESC LIMIT 9

that Dataview query gives me a list of the 9 most recently edited notes in my vault, sorted with most recently edited first … note, it can only show you details of notes that still exist so won’t give you files that have been deleted … it also excludes the note in which it is contained