Edit file selected from Graph view

Steps to reproduce

Searched but could not find similar issue. When I’m typing in a Note and leave to place the cursor in the Graph frame, then if I try to open another Note/File linked to the 1st Note, Obsidian will NOT place that Note in the block to be viewed or edited.

Expected result

in the Graph view, if I select a Note other than the one in the Edit frame, I expect the new Note to be placed in the Edit frame.

Actual result

See above steps explanation


  • Operating system: Mac OS Catalina v10.15.6
  • Obsidian version: v0.8.11

Additional information

I don’t understand\can’t reproduce you problem,
Can you post a gif\video?

  • [ ] I have 2 Notes that are linked.
  • [ ] For this example they are adjacent to each other in the left column list
  • [ ] I’m editing 202009070736
  • [ ] It’s linked to 202009067739
  • [ ] IF in the graph I select 202009067739, I would expect it to replace 202009070736 in the edit screen. It does not.
  • [ ] It’s not a big issue in this illustration, since the notes are in close proximity in the column.
  • [ ] But, if the notes were separated by many more notes, it would require several more strokes to find and edit the intended linked note.
  • [ ] Is this the intended operation or do you agree that it might be more fluid and useful to have the selected note appear in the edit block?

Are you telling me that
Let’s see if I understand correctly:
when you click on 202009067739 Nebo Test in the local graph of 202009070736 Journal it does not open that file in the edit window?

Exactly! “202009070736 Journal” remains in the Edit window.

can you check the console, what does it say?
press cmd-shift-i

I’m not at home to use my MacMini, but when I use Jump (app) on my iPad Pro that sequence of keys open iCloud Drive. If that’s not what you were expecting, I’ll be able to I do it on the Mac in a little while.

On the Mac at home, with Obsidian open and the cursor in the Edit Pane…nothing happens when typing that key sequence.

when you have obsidian open, cmd-shift-i should open the developer tools.


okay, we’ll wait if someone else reports this problem to figure out what happens. I can’t reproduce it.
Let me know if you still have it when we release 0.8.13

Ok, will do.

Follow up! Experimenting with the positioning of the various screens seems to have ‘corrected’ the anomaly. In the screen grab below, where the Graph occupies the full bottom of the window below the window for editing the Note, selecting Node for 202009081523 in the Graph correctly changes Edit Window to 202009081523.

Go figure! :wink:

I’m sticking with the view of the screen grab!


Not shift, at least for me.

Could this be CSS behaviour then?
Did you try this with no Themes at all?

Yes, no themes, same ‘anomaly’. So, I’ve stayed with the most recent screen grab placement without recurrence.