[Edit]Dashboard or GitHub like stats page

Please provide a place which displays stats similar to GitHub.
I just wanted a place that shows up at startup, displaying some stats like word count, etc
Besides a quick new note launcher, etc

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A bit more details, please?

(Also, you can just delete the bulk of text in front, it’s a bit hard to find where your actual writing starts.)

This sounds like it should be implemented as a plugin rather than be part of core.

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No problem.

Well, for your first question (word count), they can be found at the status bar, along with backlinks and character count. For your second request, new note launcher, there is a Plugin called “Daily Notes” that generates a note every day.

By word count, I was referring to global statistics of all vaults per vault etc.

As of right now, I don’t think that feature is in Obsidian… yet.

I just wanted a dashboard experience, no problem, it is not necessary though.