Edit CSS for $ tags

Is it possible to add/edit CSS so that tags that start with “$” have a different format? I use Obsidian for stock research, and it’d be useful to have a different format for tags such as $AAPL or $BRKB.

Thanks in advance!

So, are you trying to prevent dollar signs from becoming Math?

If so, just type in $ in place of $.

If this does not help, can you please clarify? Thanks!

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Hmm, one problem is that Obsidian only recognizes “tags” that start with #. Obsidian passes special html classes for tags, but I don’t think there’s an easy way to target text that starts with $ unless you wrap it with custom html.

Unless I’m mistaken and your tags are like #$AAPL.

This is a great workaround. Thank you for the suggestion Sam!

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