Easily look-up and reference plugins

For myself one reason Obsidian can be challenging is due to its forever array of plugins available (I think extensibility is the industry term being used) plus the ongoing development where changes/improvements are a constant. One item that would be a tremendous help is having one place to go to that has a comprehensive list of plugins (either all available for Obsidian or at least the ones installed on my install) and a brief description of what they do; Is there any such place? I am aware of my plugins’ folder but that doesn’t provide the detail. It would be convenient to have a chart type interface where we can search by category or search terms or look up an installed plugin to see the brief description. The only options I am aware of is the plugin install screen or girhub page. Looking for something more centralized that can be easily used for reference - does that exist?

What you are looking for is in Settings > Community Plugins > Browse community plugins. These are all the plugins that have passed review. When browsing, it is easy to search for terms such as “todo” or “graph” to narrow down the search. Selecting a plugin from the left side of the panel will focus on it and on the right side you have the developers detailed explanation of the plugin’s feature set.

@EleanorKonik’s Obsidian Roundup also frequently covers newer plugins that have not passed review yet, and she has a non-exhaustive list of plugins organized in categories.


There’s a plugin directory in the Obsidian site itself

There’s also the Community hub which categorizes plugins


These are very good I can use these and build on them for what I am trying to achieve thank you.

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