Easiest way for a friend of mine to copy a text + images Essay I wrote in Obsidian into their vault?

I have written a long essay that contains text and many images. I want to share this essay with a friend, so that they can include it in their vault.

I have read there is no straightfoward way to copy notes between vaults.

I am on a windows pc, and I have just opened note from my vault, put it into reading mode, selected part of the essay, copied it into the clipboard, created a new vault, and pasted it into a new note there. This worked. (I think there is no limit to the windows clipboard, apart from that single images must not be bigger than 4 MB.)

Is there an (even) easier way to do this?

How could I do this over the internet?

Is there a way that would allow me to share an entire part of my vault, including links?