Early bird pricing after cancelling and coming back?

I’ve tried searching here and I can’t find any information on how the early bird pricing works for returning users.

For context, I tend to hop around note-taking tools quite a bit. I love the look of obsidian so far and I’m willing to pay for sync, but I often take hiatuses and either try out a different tool or stop notetaking/journalling altogether for a few months.

I am interested to understand how the early bird pricing works for a returning customer - if I get early bird pricing for sync, then leave for a bit (i.e. cancel my subscription) and early bird pricing goes away, would I be able to come back to the early bird price, or would I be forced onto the full price plan?

Don’t know the actual answer to your question but I would point out that the Obsidian functionality is totally free. If you need sync capability there are quite a few options, some of which are free as well. Only the internal sync service and publish cost money and both are quite reasonably priced even at full price. But the point is you can get all the function (including syncing) at no cost.

Thanks for replying. What alternative sync options are there, out of interest? I’m after a no-hassle sync between mobile and different computers, and the office sync service seems to be my best bet by far.

I used iCloud with no problems to sync mac-iOS-Windows machines - comes with 5 gb free; others have said they use OneDrive (if you have MS Office you have a TB free). Haven’t heard about how it works but the dropbox free level is a couple of gb. I’m not an expert so others can give better details but there are multiple services out there with small free tiers.

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