Early Bird Discount Sync - Question to Devs

Hello fellow Obsidian users. This is my first post here. @Silver

Is there a way to contact the developers directly to ask them for their future plan? I want to get the early bird discount for Sync before the end of the month, but my main computer is a Chromebook, and I use a Windows computer with a local account. At the moment the builds available don’t match with my configurations.

I like this application, and I would like to know if it would be possible for Devs to provide a build for Chromebooks and a portable version for Windows. I am not in hurry, but it would be nice if I could use it with my OS configurations out of he box, especially if I pay for the Sync.

My Chromebook is not compatible with Linux.

Ref: Last chance to get early bird discount for Sync

I’m not sure if a build for Chromebook is in the works or not, but what you can do for now is buy Sync then cancel it; when you re-active it in the future you will get to keep the early bird discount.

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Chromebooks is not officially supported. But we have had users successfully using it using the deb installer with crostini or the mobile (android) version.

Hi Crow. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking about it. Do you know if I can cancel straight up, or if I had to make at least one payment?

Do you know if a portable installation for Windows is it in the offing? It would nice to be able to run Obsidian on Windows computers without Admin privilege.

Do you know why Chromebooks are not supported? I read that Chrome OS could not run Electron app

no, it is not possible at the moment. Electron takes chromium’s specific (libchromiumcontent) and integrates it with node.js, which chromium os does not support to execute natively.


It would mean that Obsidian should be packed as a PWA to run in Chromebook natively? If my assumption is correct, then my only choice is to wait to change my Chromebook for one that is Linux compatible.

By supported I mean as an officially supported platform. Obsidian runs on some chromebooks:

As a mobile app:

With crostini:

Just try.

Pretty sure you have to pay at least once?

Just trying this out and checking - I paid $10 for one month … is that the 50% discount? So come october it will be $20 for one month?

Q: If I cancel my subscription after getting the early bird discount, will I still have it?

A: Yes, your account will always have the discount even after you cancel/unsubscribe.

I don’t seem to need any of the two, but would like to secure the early bird pricing for the future. Would you consider it ethical if I subscribed for both for a month, not really using it at all? This could be considered as a contribution for the app development while I’d get the advantage of possibly acting on the offer in the future, if I decide I need it.

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same question in my mind… also I wanna ask if I subscribe for a month, does it locks early bird pricing for yearly payment mode also ? I’m not sure about services but i want to support this great platform, and secure early bird pricing

I believe the devs have said that, yes, the pricing is locked in for both monthly or annual payments :slight_smile:

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