E2EE Sync + Obsidian Mobile + NeuraCache

Not too familiar with E2EE. If Sync uses E2EE and Obsidian Mobile uses Sync, would 3rd party apps at the device level be able to access a vault? For example, would NeuraCache App be prevented from syncing cards found in a synced vault? Another example, would the Anki plug-in be prevented from reading “into” files in a synced vault?

You still have the decrypted folder locally.

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I also have similar question. I thought E2EE means that the files can only be decrypted upon entering the user assigned password?

In my case , I have all files downloaded via Obsidian Sync to a new vault on my iPad. I can use other app to open and view the content of each individual mark down file. However, I cannot remember giving the user assigned password to the iCloud Keychain, hence I wonder how the encryption is meant to work