E-ink text scrolling

Is there any way how to change text scrolling into spliting text into block?
By “splitting text into block” i mean same UI experience when reading a book, in order to read you need to change another page. Or like pressing the button on Kindle to continue in reading.

There are plenty of Android e-ink devices, and they are easily running Obsidian app. The main problem is the nature of e-ink display. The scrolling of the text is terrible experience on this display. The way how it can be fixed is to create some kind of plugin that will split the text to fit the screen of device, and user need to swipe right to continue reading.

Thanks for ideas!

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I know there is a feature request for page view. But that might just be about display, not about the reading experience, like you describe. But perhaps you could add your comments there too, since e-ink devices is a great use-case for this.

No this is not the way :smiley:

There must be some box class wrapper that will limit the text only to specific dimension of e-ink screen. Only text that fits that box. Other part of the text will be visible only by clicking on right part of box. And vice versa clicking on left part use “list” in the text back.

Maybe I misunderstand. I’m suggesting you add your comments to them. Not use that as a solution for you. I do understand that your request is different. But I think it would be helpful for them to know your use-case for pages.

If they are aware of the use-case for page-reading on e-ink, I think it will go further than just “displaying page breaks”. Reading like an e-reader would be useful on regular screens too.

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