Duplicated local graph headings in right sidebar, neither of which open to anything

The Issue
As per the post title, my right sidebar shows two headings titled ‘graph view’. When clicked on, I get ‘graph view’ title again and a left facing arrow.
My global graph in the left sidebar works, but may also be wonky. I’m not experienced enough to know if it’s normal that the only way out of the global graph is to tap on it which brings up my most recent note. I’m not able to access the left sidebar while in global graph. I think I was able to in the past.

The Environment
I’m exclusively on an iPad Pro and using the Minimal theme.
I’m new to Obsidian, have been heavily immersed the last couple of months in Nick’s LYT course with no problems accessing local graph.
I’ve only been adding notes the last couple of weeks. Haven’t played around at all with any new plugins.

Things I have tried

I’ve shut off all plugins, one at a time, to test.
I’ve logged out of the vault, shut down Obsidian and my iPad Pro and reopened.
I’ve checked the help docs under ‘local graph’ and ‘right sidebar’ and read all that came up as similar.

What I’m trying to do

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