Duplicate folder from inside obsidian

Use case or problem

I have a “template” folder for longform projects (for which I use the longform plugin). When creating a new project, I want to be able to just duplicate a folder and its content by right-clicking on it and selecting “duplicate”.

Proposed solution

Add the “duplicate” option to the right-click menu.

Current workaround (optional)

I need to go outside of Obsidian and into windows file explorer to duplicate the folder.


Alternatively, I believe you can already create folder templates using the Template plugin:

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I solved the problem of creating folders using the Templater plugin, which exposes an API to create a folder. However, it’d be nice if we had a simple duplicate folder option in Obsidian.

Link to my solution using Templater: Create a folder, move file to it and add check list · Discussion #569 · SilentVoid13/Templater · GitHub

Thanks @rigmarole for the suggestion.

And thank you for sharing your code @carlosbaraza !!
I guess that will do for now :slight_smile:

I do really hope Obsidian will implement a “duplicate folder” shortcut. And in the future, allow “folder templates”

I can definitely see the value of this and am surprised this doesn’t already exist. If I were still doing novels I probably would have noticed the lack sooner.


I believe Enhance Copy Note should do this (bad name, sorry, I named it before I implemented the folder copy feature).


This looks great! I will try it out

upvoting this FR for the sake of posterity

bumping FR

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+1 This would be great to add.

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