"Duplicate/Clone Tab" Function

Use case or problem

Sometimes I need to open a large note in another tab and give it its own window. This allows me to scroll up to the top of the note in one window and refer to that content while typing at the bottom of the note in another window. Without a duplicate tab function, I have to create a new tab, then open the file, and move the tab to its own window.

Proposed solution

Create a function called “Duplicate Tab” or “Clone Tab” when right clicking on a tab which will create a clone of the tab. Maybe an extra function would be helpful as well: “Duplicate/Clone Tab and Move to New Window.”

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Split right

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If you right click and select Split Right or Split Down, you kinda get a duplicate. Would that be good enough?

You can also open another tab of the same file with a middle click. Its the scroll wheel click on my mouse, obv no good for mobile though.