Dropping files into properties

Hi, it would be nice to have an ability to drop files (images, pdfs etc) into properties

Use case or problem

At the moment the only solution is to drop files into frontmatter, and by default output format is not compatible with properties, so you need to remove ! and add quotes. It not very convenient.

Proposed solution

Correctly attach files dropped into properties, without additional manual frontmatter manipulations


This seems like a good idea. Not everyone will use it BUT I could see how it could help.
For example, I do word associations between Greek and Hebrew and it would be nice to just grab the English word that they both translate close too. :grinning:

It looks like this is now possible via the properties, but what’s inserted is "![[attachment.ext]]" which doesn’t work until the exclamation mark is removed as previously stated. However, dragging the same attachment into the source front matter inserts ![[attachment.ext]] (no quotes). In both cases, the former seems to make sense to be inserted and for Obsidian to then support the "![[]]" style.

My use case is this:

  - "[[note]]"
  - "![[attachment.ext]]"
  - https://obsidian.md/
  - file:///C%5Cfile.ext

It could also be nice to have an option which toggles whether linked notes/attachments via front matter / properties appear in the local graph or not, as depending on how they’re used, they may add unwanted clutter to graph navigation.