Dropdown menu at the end of a note for seleccting predefined tags

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I’m using Obsidian in mi work and we have a set (around 20) of predefined tags that we need to choose 2 or 3 at the end of writing a note. The same vault is used by 5 people and we need to mantain consistency (in how we write them and in restricting the choises to them) or the tags will quickly became irrelevant just for sheer number of the possibilities it leaves open.

So, I thought that a dropdown menu would be a great solution but i’m unable to achive it and didn’t find a plugin or a code snippet that do that.


Not a drop down, but you can leverage nested tags for a similar effect with autocomplete.

I have a set of standard tags for meetings nested under #mtg: 1on1, internal, external, etc.

In my template for meeting notes, I have “#mtg”. When I out the cursor after #mtg and type the slash (“/“), Obsidian shows the nested tags as a set of autocomplete options that looks like a drop down.

not bad but I think a real dropdown would be better, thanks anyway is a great idea

Autocomplete works even without nested tags. All you need to do is write all the tags you want in a note, and after that they’ll appear in autocomplete. As soon as you type a hash, the list of all existing tags appears.

Yes, if I was the only user that would certainly be great but as others are involved in the same vault I think that a dropdown menu, if possible, would be better. Is there a way to implement it?

(In case you’ve misunderstood: the autocomplete will work for anyone who uses the vault — it’s based on the vault’s contents, not on typing history.)

There is probably a way to implement a tags dropdown. I suspect it may require a new plugin, but if you look thru the existing plugins you might find something that will enable you to build what you want.

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