Dropdown/Combobox Problem - Cannot Choose Light Theme


Not sure if this is a bug. i came into Obsidian after not using it for a few weeks, and I went to change my appearance. I quickly noticed I am unable to choose Light for the Base Theme - I see Dark in the box, and when I click the arrow nothing happens. It seems this issue occurs on many other dropdowns in the settings section. I looked at about and I am using v0.14.15 and installer version v0.13.19. I see I have automatic updates on. No matter the theme, I cannot choose the Light in the base theme - wondering if this is just me?



Hmm, that dropdown box and others are working fine for me in Obsidian v0.14.15. Since it sounds like you’ve already tried closing & re-opening Obsidian, I might also try doing a restart on the entire device, if that’s not too much effort. If all that doesn’t work, can you use the Command Palette command “Show debug info” and share that with forum? That also gives a link to the Help vault, you could see if your issues with settings show up there too. If the help vault is fine but yours isn’t you could try disabling community plugins (then close and re-open Obsidian again) and see if one of them is causing a problem? You can also update community plugins from that tab in the settings.

Thanks for the response. It seems it is now working - coming back to Obsidian in the event and restarting. I had restarted multiple times. The only thing I can think of is that my ob folder is in a onedrive folder. Everything looked fully sync’d earlier, but thats the only other moving part.

Its working now, and I appreciate you taking the time to respond and help.


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