Drawing overlay

Many times when someone may have a permanent note (or a note that won’t go through so many changes) it’d be nice to put maybe an overlay on top of the notes so that there could be drawing with a stylus (or mouse). Then each layer can be made linkable. If someone were to add more to the markdown file underneath the overlay and drawings would scale (or at least try their best to) but it’d be up to the user to update the overlays. I think Concepts has a great auto-layer system as well.

Unless I’m mistaken, many drawing plugins right now are based on adding drawings into the pages, but not necessarily working with a page’s current content. This plugin still wouldn’t change the actual markdown files, but it can at least stack on top of it (and maybe add a link to the bottom somewhere of the overlay file).


Good idea but very hard to define

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This is exactly what I was thinking a weeks ago.

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