Drag File-Link in pane opens file in Pane

First: Thank you so much for this amazing app!

A new way to open a file in an existing pane

I had a file with lots ob file-links and it was a pain to open them with Shift+CMD+Click and then closing them back again. I don’t want to create a new pane every time. This could be way smoother. I don’t want to shit the focus on another pane and then open the file.

Drag and Drop ftw

Currently it is possible to drag a file from the file explorer into the top part of a pane and then it opens the file in that pane. I want the same but instead of taking the file from the explorer it should be a link in the editor.


Pane1 Content:
[[Example]] ← if I press a certain key, the link gets draggable and i can drag it to the top of another open pane, where the file will now open.
At the end: Pane1 would have the same content, Pane2 would now have the file that Pane1 linked to.

I hope you understand my idea. Thank you for everything!

Not exactly what you want, but you can drag a link from a panel when it is in preview mode (and you can easily toggle into preview mode with a hotkey shortcut):

You can drag a file from a link inside the note, in preview mode.

Drop destinations

You can drop a file on a pane header to open the file there. Hold Alt (or Shift on MacOS) to drop anywhere on the pane.

Source: Obsidian help vault


Also, if a file is in edit mode, you can CMD CLICK (on a Mac) the preview icon in the top part of the pane and a second pane will open so that the same file is visible in both panes (and linked): one in edit mode and the other in preview mode. You can then click to open the link you originally wanted.


Wow, great! Did not knew that this is possible. I would very much prefer it, if it would work in editor mode too :confused:
Thank you for the info!

Welcome. And I agree.