Drag + Drop Folders From System Explorer into Obsidian's File Explorer

Use case or problem

I am using an editor Zenreader that can export reports from outlines in .md format. It exports the report as a single markdown file, and the images to the report are stored in a separate folder as PNG. The markdown file links to the folder images properly.

I exported an outline report to a folder on my desktop. I tried to drag + drop the folder into a folder in a vault in Obsidian. Obsidian would not accept the drag + drop operation.

Proposed solution

Allow a user to drag + drop FOLDERS into a location in an Obsidian vault.

Current workaround (optional)

I can export the folder from the directly to the specific Obsidian folder at the system level. With this approach, the contents for the report are fully present and all links from the source .md report work automatically.

Related feature requests (optional)

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This doesn’t seem to work with anything, files, images, and must all be done on the system level. Or am I missing something?

Additionally I get a +COPY alert from the OS, so it seems like it should work. But it doesn’t? Just have to use the OS?

It’s a little confusing at first - you can’t drag anything into the empty space of the Files list, but you can drag files into folders or onto your vault name at the top (puts the file in the root of your vault).

Ah. Ok. Non-expected behavior but ok.