Drag collapsed Headers or bullets to reoder like workflowy

I have searched however while the wording seemed similar - as I read it seemed they were on a different track to my suggestion.

Use case or problem

I am writing something for a post / script / report and realise I want to move a paragraph a few lines up and another one line down - like you may reorder a to do list but could be a big post - I love the collapse but suddenly decide that whole section should go first - as it is collapsed I just want to drag it
being used to workflowy this has become a frustration and is the only feature holding me back from getting rid of workflowy - I have got rid of all other note apps

Proposed solution

We already have unique ids for headings - could we use these to drag reorder them using javascript?

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I end up going back to workflowy to write anything I know I have met frustration when trying to reorder

Related feature requests (optional)

also for lists and bullets?


Do these help at all?

  1. You can move lists and single or multiple paragraphs with the Move line up and Move line down commands, which you can configure with your own hotkey combinations.

move with hotkeys

  1. You can use drag and drop to rearrange entire sections with the core outline plugin.

Or you could use the community plugin Outliner: obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-outliner.