Drag and drop selected text to elsewhere in same note or another note

[plugin or feature request or css wizardry? I suggest just keeping one category and then the developers can add an appropriate tag: plugin etc.]

This is more a UI request. It should be possible to move a (selected) block of text from any visible note to any other visible note. Currently just editable to editable pane.

Here is something related: If you drag and drop a block of data on a folder in the file explorer view, it replaces the original text with an ![[unique-name]] link, and create new file unique-name in the current folder! The user can then change the name, just like they currently can when they create a new file (in a folder or the vault root). Probably this should be a separate post?


If I understand you correctly, I think this request would merge with Drag from backlinks to note to drop a link into a note

The second part would be a nice and easy way to create a page from a highlighted template block. I would go further and request a custom shortcut designation and/or right-click option to create a new page from currently selected text. But also, simply creating a new page and dragging the text in is pretty easy as it is now.

I am going to archive this. It proposed 2 things and it’s difficut to comprehend.