Download Theme Previews to use in Offline Mode

Use case or problem

I am in a country where it’s not friendly with certain clouds like Amazonaws and content can’t be downloaded easily without a VPN. But this could also be a problem for those who work offline. It would be nice if the previews for my installed themes are also available offline so I can easily switch between them knowing roughly what it looked like. I downloaded many themes and change them depending on my mood!

Proposed solution

  • On first view, have obsidian download previews into cache. This should only be for themes that are already installed.
  • When Obsidian encounters “can’t fetch data” error, then it can use cached previews instead.
  • Obsidian should automatically try to refresh cache if it doesn’t have the error.

Current workaround (optional)

  • There is no workaround.

Related feature requests (optional)

  • None, unless you have any “offline mode” suggestions yourselves!