Double "random" button in the ribbon

Steps to reproduce

Have a random note first-party plugin enabled.

Expected result

One button in the ribbon to trigger it.

Actual result

Two buttons to trigger random notes (last two in the screenshot below).

Screenshot from 2021-01-15 20.44.31

When hovering over the buttons, one shows “Open random note” as a label, while the other one just says “Random”. Both appear to be working, and triggering them doesn’t show any errors in the console.


  • Operating system: elementary OS 5.1.7
  • Obsidian version: v0.10.1 (installer version v0.10.8). Flatpak install.

Additional information

Just to make sure it wasn’t some third-party plugin causing it, safe mode was enabled, and the app was reloaded (Ctrl + R). Disabling the random note plugin gets rid of both icons, enabling it displays them both once again.


this has already been reported. Please, search before posting.

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I’ve searched for the word “random” in the bug section and didn’t see anything. Even now I can’t find the issue this is a duplicate of.

Please, don’t baselessly assume I didn’t search before posting.

You didn’t search the whole forum.

it’s still not be corrected even now :mask:

Yes, it is corrected in 0.10.9 (insider build) - wait two or three days for that version to become publicly available