Dose anyone know why the Obsidian app won't remember my workspace layout at launch?

hi Obsidian community,

i have had this issue for a while, every time i close & relaunch the application it loads the blank default workspace, have to manually run the workspace plugin to load my preset layout and then start working

it reached a point where i started to think if this is just how the Obsidian app works, and that everyone else is like this too?

if not, what’s wrong with my Obsidian app?

appreciate any input & insights <3

You did not say whether or not you have activated the core plugin Workspaces.

Hi, you already created a thread about this. If your workspace settings files get duplicated, that would be a reason why it would fail to remember your settings.

Have you tried testing it outside of your sync folder yet?

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i have activated that core plugin, i said i have to load the layout manually each time (by using that core plugin)

thank you, you are right, i just fixed the workspace settings file duplicate situation and this issue is fixed as well

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