Don't reopen notes that are already open, just put the focus on them

Use case or problem

Let’s say I have 2 open notes, Parent and Child.
Parent has a link to Child.
If I click on [[Child]] from Parent and unless Parent is pinned, Obsidian will re-open Child.

Now I have 2 open copies of Child, and 0 of Parent.

Proposed solution

If the note Child is already open, just put the focus on it, even if Parent is not pinned. If the user really wants to open another copy of Child, they can just middle click on the link.

Current workaround (optional)

I quickly wrote a hacky monkey-patch to get around this: GitHub - scambier/obsidian-no-dupe-leaves: Automatically switch the focus to open notes instead of reopening them

Related feature requests (optional)



This would be nice! :slightly_smiling_face: