[[ ]] doesn't work inside quotes in some themes

Steps to reproduce

In quote mode “>”, link to note [[ ]] doesnt work, only the latter ]] are recognized as special characters, looks like the first [[ are escaped

Expected result

Linking works in quotes

Actual result


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.4
  • Using custom CSS:
  • “Comfort color dark” by ezs, Dracula and some others too

Additional information

I am unable to replicate on windows, can you post a screenshot? thanks

“Comfort color dark” by ezs

inside the quote a [[]] link doesn’t work, outside the quote is a normal one

In defaults CSS and some other themes (like moonlight) linking work

Interesting. What happens if you add a space after > ?


> The negative ...

Also, can you try another theme?

Some themes work Indeed.
What is strange - autosugestion does work in all themes.
Only the effect of it doesn’t - the inserted link is not treated as hyperlink, but as a normal text.

Adding space after > doesn’t change anything.

the wrongly displayed link is registered as

<span class="cm-formatting-link cm-quote cm-quote-1">[[</span>`
<span class="cm-quote cm-quote-1 cm-hmd-internal-link">cycle of research</span>
<span class=" cm-formatting-link">]]</span>

We have a bunch of fixes for CSS in the next realease.
However this is likely a theme bug.

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