Does Obsidian is good for taking notes and make connection for related events and people?


Today I found this site and read a little about Obsidian, and Is it looks like Evernote for taking notes?. I’m looking for software to take notes and create connections for related people and events in a scenario like a journalist or a historian. I’m not a journalist, historian, or an academic person, but I like to save news about different events (especially politics) and people. I’d like to create connections for events and people who are involved in the same event(s) are important to me to find them next time easily.
Currently, I use Evernote to save news on the web and use the tags feature to find events and people. for example, I type or select a tag to see all news, events that used those tags. But I’d like to have a graphical view of related events that affect each other. Evernote doesn’t have a graph view or something like that. I need something like a timeline view or at least a graph view to connect/disconnect events and people manually. Something like a historian wants to see an event with all related other events that affect each other or lead to a big event, and also how many people are connected to an event. Adding image, link, comment, and other text and image features would be great for events.
I think a mix of note-taking software and a powerful timeline software is the thing I need for my desired program.
Now I’d like to know if Obsidian is similar to the thing I described for that or no?


Obsidian is good for information management, which is what you are describing. It does not have a timeline view as far as I’m aware of. Perhaps suggest that in Plugins Ideas category?

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