Does Obsidian Have Volume Licensing?

I read the EULA here: EULA Overview - Obsidian
And based on this part:

Commercial Use Licenses must be purchased on an annual and per user basis. Commercial users must purchase at least as many licenses as the number of people who will be using Obsidian.

I’m assuming the answer is no but, could someone please confirm?

Thank you muchly!

We do offer bulk licenses.
Contact us under [email protected] for bulk pricing.

Thank you joethei!

Do bulk licenses work the same way as volume licenses? Are they essentially the same thing? One license is good for # computers/users?

My manager has been in touch however, hasn’t received a response in a couple weeks so, I’ll let him know to follow up!

We can do both, either one key per user,
or one key for all users.

Bulk licensing just means that you get a discount if you purchase many licenses in one go.

Strange that your manager has not heard back from us,
do DM me with your company name on here if they don’t hear back within 3 days of sending that follow up.

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Thank you for clarifying joethei! Will do!

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