Does Obsidian have any tools for formatting headings, lists, etc?

I’ve searched the help vault and this forum, but found nothing about keyboard shortcuts for making a paragraph an H1, H2, etc. Or to change an H3 header to the first item of an ordered list.

Surely we’re not all selecting ### with the mouse, hitting the delete key, then typing “1.”

I’m thinking of an app like Bear, where Opt Cmd 3 instantly formats as H3. If you hit Sh Cmd L it changes to an ordered list.

Am I missing something?

P.S. I’ve found some clunky Keyboard Maestro macros that get at this, but I’d rather use something built into the app, or at least installed as a plug-in.


P.S. I watched several YouTube videos, hoping to see what people were doing, and to make a heading they were clicking on the start of a line (taking their hand off the keyboard) and typing a shift-3 three times, then a space. Really? In this day and age?

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Hey R. You might be able to pull this off by installing the Format Hotkeys plugin by Ansel Santosa. :slight_smile:

Its value prop is: “Google Docs style formatting hotkeys for Obsidian.” Let me know if that helped.

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I use the Markdown Formatting Assistant plugin which makes typing so much faster.
(e.g. I press “/” + 3 for Heading 3)

Another plugin like the one commented above is the shortcuts extender plugin.

Hope this helps ✽-(ˆ▽ˆ)/✽ ✽(ˆ▽ˆ)-✽


Woah. The Markdown Formatting Assistant will definitely help with my Notion learned pattern of formatting. Thanks for sharing that.

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Markdown Formatting Assistant might work for me. I’d looked at it via the Obsidian Community Plugins Browse buttons, but unlike the Github page, it has no illustrations and I really didn’t understand what it did… Most of the info is about the Color Picker, for which I have little interest. Thanks for pointing me to Github!

My ultimate goal is to have the formatting applied to all paragraphs that are fully or partially selected, triggered by just one keystroke, as in Sh F1-4 sets H1-4, Sh F5 clears formatting, Sh F6 bullet list, Sh F7 numbered list.

However, the backslash trigger only works if you place the cursor at the end of a paragraph. Otherwise, it just enters the character in the text.

If text is selected, it overwrites it, making it impossible to apply formatting to multiple lines.

But if you select multiple lines completely and click the icons in the side panel, it works fine. I think I could make Keyboard Maestro macros to have it fully select the paragraphs, but the question remains of how to have a keystroke trigger the formatting via the side panel and not via the backslash.

Am I missing something? Seems strange the dev would have such an awkward triggering mechanism, but spend time on Latex an Greek letters…


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