Does Canvas have a 'how-to' page?

What I’m trying to do

Looking for a guide on the basics.
Some questions I have.
‘How-to’ set the text in the card to automatically fit?
‘How-to’ use the ‘Editing Toolbar’ in a Canvas page?

Things I have tried

I’ve looked at the plugin list for Canvas.
Next, I will go to Reddit etc. to find answers.

See picture attached.
06-07-23 - Canvas questions

I am not sure what you mean

Isn’t that self-explaining? What is it you are not sure about?

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Thanks for the quick reply.
One thing I don’t understand is how to autofit the text in a new card.
Is it possible to do that, or do I need to go about it another way. ie., add a formatted note from my vault.
It seems a bit awkward and I suspect I’m not doing it correct.

OK…my bad. I overlooked the ‘Resize a card’ :blush:

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