Documentation Bug: Daily Notes Automatic Subfolders feature

Steps to reproduce

Read and follow the official Obsidian documentation for Daily Notes, attempting to create automatic subfolders.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Yes, of course. This is a documentation bug.

Expected result

A new daily note created in the directory specified by the given path format using date codes.

Actual result

Using the documentation-specified input box will result in a “Folder […] not found” error.

Environment online documentation as of 2023-12-04.

Additional information

The documentation for Daily Notes incorrectly indicates that path formatting used by moment().format() should be entered in the “File Location” text input box (the closest match in the Daily Notes configuration dialog is “New file location”.

This thread: Create Daily Note as 2023/November/ correctly notes that the path/directory formatting path should go in the “Date Format” text box.