Document contents entirely disappeared

Steps to reproduce

Just wrote another post about how my obsidian crashes. well this time it crashed and my document disappeared. was inserting a dataview template and the document is still there, but it’s completely empty.

Expected result

expected to see my document so now slightly panicking.

Actual result

empty document, nothing there.


MacBook Pro 2018 running Big Sur 11.4
Obsidian 12.12

Sorry to hear this. Sorry I’m not up to date with the latest syncing-related bugs or fixes, so I’m not sure if this will help.

Have you attempted to use the File Recovery plugin? It is enabled by default. Go to the preferences, and “File recovery” section. There, you’ll see “Snapshots” and a View button. From there you need to type your file name to see the available snapshots. Hopefully something will be there.

As for a cause, I think there needs to be more info. Are you using any sync features? Is your vault located in any folder that is syncing from the OS? An iCloud folder, for example?

What other 3rd party plugins do you have installed?

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I am sorry you are experiencing this but we can’t help you debug this. My advise is to run obsidian without plugins for week. If you get a crash, open a new bug report.

Also, where are your files stored?

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