Dock to desktop function like OneNote

Use case or problem

The ability to open notes in new windows is really good, but one very useful feature in OneNote is the “Dock to desktop” which pins the window to the side of the screen, and resizes other programs to fit next to it. For example, you can watch a youtube video or be on a teams call, hit dock to desktop, and you will have a pinned note to the side that does not disapear under your other windows.

Proposed solution

Dock function that can be combined with open in new window. A hotkey for open in new window and dock would be amazing. Ideally should automatically resize other windows like OneNote does.

Current workaround (optional)

Open note in new window and resize and position manually. Not the end of the world but the one click functionality in OneNote is really nice.

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Maybe not the solution you’re looking for but windows has a feature where you can force a window to stay on top [win + ctrl + T]. This may take longer than the feature you’re suggesting, but it will work until the feature will get implemented.

As another workaround, there are third-party apps for window arrangement in general, and some may have the feature you want.

Thanks CawlinTeffid.

Just noticed in the latest windows update there is a new GUI element when you drag around a window that makes it easier to dock in various configurations which essentially does what I was after.

Didn’t realise that was a hotkey, will look into it! Thanks.