Displaying the total number of files created during the last month

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to display the total number of files (inside of an specific folder (e.g.: Library) and with an specific tag (e.g.: #Book)) created during the last month. Something like: “In the last month you have added [insert number] books in this library.”

Things I have tried

I’m just a newbie with all the stuff related with JS, but I’ve tried to get the total number of books added in April (for example) with this inline JS that I got somewhere:

`$= dv.pages('"Library" and #Book').filter(page => new Date(page.file.created).getMonth() === 3).length`

For some reason it displays “0” (I actually added some books during that month) but either way I’m not looking for an specific month. This is for a dashboard, so I’d like to display the number independently on the month we are.

Is there a solution?

In case it helps, every book contains the following inline field:

Created:: <% tp.file.creation_date("DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm") %>

That date format is not a recognised date format. Dataview is particular about which format it accepts, and that is the YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm format when including hours and minutes.

So you’re trying to create a date based upon a “non-date” field, and that just doesn’t work.

The proper way to solve this is to start using a proper date format (aka ISO8601, as shown above), or do some date mangling using moment.js to parse your date-string into a proper date, or to do some regex-trickery to lift out the month from your date-string.

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Using the implicit field file.cday works in local tests.

In the last month you have added `$= dv.pages('"Library" and #Book').filter(page => new Date(page.file.cday).getMonth() === 3).length` books in this library.



Yes, it worked with file.cday without changing anything.

If anyone else reads this and has this doubt I’ll use for monthly reports:

`$= dv.pages('"Library" and #Book').filter(page => new Date(page.file.cday).getMonth() === 3).length` 

And for the dashboard (last month, but not specified):

`$=dv.pages('"Library" and #Book').filter(page => new Date(page.file.cday) > new Date(Date.now() - 30 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000)).length`

Thank you both for the help!!

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Considering how file.cday is an actual date, this one should suffice:

`$= dv.pages('"Library" and #Book').filter(page => page.file.cday.month == 3).length`

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