Display Transcluded Block Reference in Entirety

Presently the transcluded block reference text is displayed as a scroll-able text box. I am looking for a method to display the transcluded text in its entirety i.e. the entire block reference should be displayed and not as a scroll-able text box.

If you want all transclusions non-scroll-able, enable this snippet:

.markdown-preview-view span.internal-embed .markdown-preview-view,
.markdown-preview-view span.internal-embed .markdown-embed-content {
  max-height: unset;

Or you can use alt text to give transclusions different styles. With the following snippet, you can use ![[note|no-scroll]] to make a transclusion non-scroll-able.

.markdown-preview-view span.internal-embed[alt*="no-scroll"] .markdown-preview-view,
.markdown-preview-view span.internal-embed[alt*="no-scroll"] .markdown-embed-content {
  max-height: unset;

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