Display the new files being published more clearly

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Use case or problem

When publishing, I want the files being published to be very clearly displayed so I know exactly what I’m publishing.

Proposed solution

Show all files being published with their full paths up front, instead of in the folders.

Current workaround

The current method requires me to expand each folder and check exactly which files are being published.

EDIT: adding some visual context

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This would be nice to have as I have a very large vault and many folders ^-^;;;

Additional proposed solutions

  • Have all the to-be-published files displayed first (selectively isolated, absolute link), followed then by the existing method of navigation for optional addition as needed.
/compendium/pf2e/monster.md...... New!
/publish/images/monster.png....... New!
- [ ] Compendium >
- [ ] CSS >
- [ ] D20 >
- [ ] Publish >
  • Expand the navigation of to-be-published files to highlight which files will be published on a per folder basis.
- [ ] Compendium >
- - [ ] PF2e >
- - - monster.md..... New!
- [ ] CSS >
- [ ] D20 >
- [ ] Publish >
- - Images >
- - - monster.png....... New!