Display the link to each plugin's README after installation

Use case or problem

When using the community plugins browser (Community Plugins > Browse) the link to the README is provided. However, once the plugin is installed the link is no longer displayed. This is problematic since the README often has additional information and links to supporting resources such as syntax guides.

Proposed solution

Display the link to the Github README for each installed plugin in two places:

  • In the Community plugins screen, under (or beside) each plugin name
  • At the top of each plugin’s configuration screen (under PLUGIN OPTIONS)

And it goes without saying, but make the link clickable of course.

BONUS REQUEST: Provide a link to the release notes on Github for the current release that is used, so we can click it and see what was updated when we clicked the red update button by each plugin. AND PREFERABLY before we click the button as well. :slight_smile:

Current workaround (optional)

Either go back to the community plugins browser, or search Google.

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I click on the plugin in my list of plugins which opens up the install screen which contains the readme. Easier than hitting Browse and trying to find the plugin in the list at least. :sweat_smile:

Well I wasn’t aware of that as an option. Thanks!

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