Display search results and backlinks in preview mode

Sounds sensible. Should it be renamed to ‘Use selected mode for search results and backlinks’ or something?

+1 on this, would make backlinks a lot friendlier

For anyone who is interested in the topic of “rendering the search result”, you may have a look at and have a try of the beta plugin introduced here.

The author of this plugin had finished the part of rendering the query command resul and search panel result. The only think that is left is the rendering of the backlink result. And a feature request had been proposed to the author of the plugin for 3 months, but no further reply on if from the author.

I’m not the author of the plugin and not familiar with the TS/JS, so if any one who is familiar with the TS/JS may have a look at the code on github, and see if you can work it out.

Also, the developer of Obsidian may have a look at of the code as well. I think this feature could be a core plugin.


I just realized that the author of the plugin(@NothingIsLost ) is also here. :)

query-control plugin 0.4.0 works fine with Obsidian 0.15.2.

thank you! @NothingIsLost

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