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I would like to have a list of backlinks to a specific note displayed in the note as opposed to in the side pane.


Hi. I’m not very clear on what have u tried. Im gonna cover some of the basis first.

Core plugin has backlinks in document feature.

Assuming u already enabled core plugin Backlinks (since u can open in side panel), u can enable it via Settings > (under Plugin Options) Backlinks > Backlinks in document.

Dataview for backlinks to another note.

In case u want to find backlinks to a note but put it in another note, u can use dataview

List file.inlinks
From "path/to/file"
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If “backlinks in documents” is enabled, and you don’t see the backlinks, you can select the three dots for that note and “toggle backlinks in document”.

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Thanks, that works but I dont like that way mainly because I cant control were in the note it appears

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I travel a lot and keep notes on airbnbs and hotels so in this case I wanted to have a note per city and a note per lodging location that links to the city. So that in the city note I would have a list of locations. Does dataview have an alias for the current file? That way I would not need to update the path for each new city note?

For example
instead of

List file.inlinks From "Springfield"

something like

List file.inlinks From current.file


first off, i’m gonna tag this as #dataview so that more dataview experts has eyes on it (i use it sparingly). so i think this should work for your case.

table without id file.inlinks
where file.name = this.file.name

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