Display files in Dataview regardless of location

I want to use Dataview to show all files whose file names include a specific string, but I want it to be regardless of where they are in my vault. I am calling the query from a file inside my “Journal” folder:

TABLE file.mtime as "Last Modified"
FROM "/"
WHERE contains(file.name, "examplestring")
SORT desc

The query is not returning files outside the "Journal" directory. Attachments that should match the string inside the "Attachments" directory one level up do not show up. Is there a "FROM" query that I should be using instead?

try FROM "" instead :thinking:

Tried that too and it also doesn’t work. :frowning:

I think it may be that the files I’m trying to reference are attachments. Is there a way to include all non-markdown files in the search results?

No, dataview works only with markdown files.

Ah, that’s unfortunate. Thanks.

Edit: After some more tinkering, it looks like the core search plugin offers an embedded search that does what I need:


Since this works with the core search plugin, it also works with the Text Expand plugin, if you want nicer links.

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