Display all contents in the section containing the same word from my daily notes

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use dataview to collect the contents in my daily notes. My daily note is like

## 2024-01-01

#### Ideas 2024-01-01

#### Papers 2024-01-01

I would like to automatically collect all the ‘ideas’ in another file to achieve something like

![[2024-01-02#Ideas 2024-01-02]]
![[2024-01-01#Ideas 2024-01-01]]

I have tried the following code

List L.text 
FROM "current folder" 
FLATTEN file.lists as L 
WHERE !L.status 
WHERE contains(meta(L.section).subpath, "Ideas")

However, it cannot keep the order and structure of my contents.

I am not very familiar with the dataview code. Is there any way to achieve this? Thanks a lot!

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