Display alignement bug v1

Hello !
Since the automatic update to V1.0, I have this issue of display, the alignement go to the very right…
Don’t know what to do to fix it ? It’s the same in all pages…

Thanks :

It’s difficult to find out the cause if you don’t give more information. So, without knowing anything about your installer version, the plugins and themes you are using, I would advice doing the following steps, if you haven’t done so yet:

  1. Check your installer version and update it to 1.0.0 if necessary (this is not the same as automatic updates!)
  2. Check if you are using a 1.0.0 compatible theme and if you have installed the latest version of it.
  3. Check your plugins - if you are using the “sliding panes plugin”, deactivate it as it might interfere with obsidian’s new tab stack core feature (which is basically the same).

And if you are posting a bug report next time, don’t just delete the bug report template but follow its instructions - that’s what they are made for!

Base steps:

  1. Check your Theme for updates: Settings > Appearance > Themes
  2. Check your plugins for updates: Settings > Community Plugins > Check for updates
  3. If you’re using custom snippets, consider disabling them.
  4. Restart Obsidian

If it’s still broken:

  1. Try going back to the default theme to check if it’s an issue with the theme
  2. Enter restricted mode and restart Obsidian to check if it’s an issue with the theme.

Two major changes are:

  • Instead of using Ctrl+Click (Cmd+click on macOS) to open links, you must now use Ctrl+Alt+Click (Cmd+Opt+Click on macOS)
  • The hotkey to toggle task completion has changed: you can reset it in Settings → Hotkeys (search for “Toggle Checkbox Status”)

Hello @alltagsverstand ,

sorry indeed, I went to quick, and think I erased the post template. My apologize, I’m familiar with forum and a great contributor of else, but I was to much in a hurry there.

To give more details :

  • it’s OK about the update, i’m fully 1.0.0
  • I updated all my themes, and all my plugin.
  • the issue is running for any theme I set, without distinction (even for default)
  • My sliding panes plugin was already desactived, I also deleted it

I follow also @WhiteNoise advices, and stopped at “Restricted Mode” > its indeed correcting the issue. Then I think I will go one by one to check which one crashes obsidian.

Thanks, and once again : very sorry !

Hi I have the same problem. Restricted mode corrected the issue so I tried my Community Plug Ins one by one. The guilty plug in seems to be “Embedded Note Titles”. I have deactivated it and all is working now.